My husband Don and I have been working with Veronica at Zephyr Canines for the past 10 years. She has taught us how to play the agility game and has trained us to bring out the best in our dogs. We have 3 Aussies and they love spending time with Veronica on the field. Veronica is a professional in every sense of the word. Her gentle manner with the dogs (and owners) puts them at ease as they get to know the pieces of equipment.

Each one of our dogs have been in the top 5 breed rankings in CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) agility. We have been able to attain these high rankings because of Veronica’s dedication to her students.

Perhaps you think you can’t do this sport…believe me you can! Don and I are both close to 70 years old….so if we can, you can! Although ribbons are nice, the time you spend with your dog working at agility is priceless and builds a special bond between you and your dog.

We highly recommend Zephyr Canines!

Margaret M, Don M, Bailey, Alkira and Deacon

Marcel came to us 4 years ago with lots of trust issues. He is very smart and also very high energy!  I’m pretty sure it was his intelligence and high drive that lead him to be surrendered twice before coming to us.  We enrolled him in agility to give him an outlet.

Veronica was absolutely awesome!  She was so incredibly patient with him and with us as we learned. From gently helping Marcel to overcome his fear of the dogwalk, to talking us ‘in off the ledge’ when he made us crazy by wildly racing around the ring at top speed, she always made us feel like it was a safe space and we were all in it together!

After years of going to class, Marcel still keeps us on our toes wondering whether it will be the goofy Marcel or the serious Marcel that shows up, but this little dog, has blossomed into the most affectionate loving companion you could ask for. I credit spending time practicing and having fun at our agility classes.

Whether your goal is to compete or you’re just looking to have some fun and bond with your furry friend, I highly recommend Zephyr Canines as the place to do it!

Lisa B. and Marcel

I was interested in doing agility with my dog Oakley because he was proving to be a challenge in the “listening department”. I figured it would be a great opportunity to further his obedience training while doing something fun together. Fast forward 6 years and we’re still going! I even got a second dog and he’s joined the class.

Veronica is excellent at breaking down every part of a particular obstacle and more often than not she’s training us, the handlers, because we’re the ones needing the training and practice. Our dogs are much smarter than we give them credit for. Veronica is extremely patient and works with each human and their dog in a fashion that works for them. You can truly see everyone’s progression over time. Many happy people and happy puppies!

Dayna L. Oakley and Rowan

Stella loves going to agility class and starts getting excited when we turn into the training facility and she realizes where we are. She loves Veronica. Veronica is a very experienced trainer and I appreciate that she stays current in the different agility moves.  Veronica builds confidence in dog and handler and always puts the dogs first so that the experience is fun and positive for both dog and handler; always leaving the dog wanting more.

Dina D. and Stella

I met Veronica over 10 years ago while participating in an agility class with my first female boxer, Luna.  I knew instantly that I liked Veronica while watching her work with one of her own dogs.  She has a very relaxed, calm demeanour.  She is warm and friendly using only positive methods to encourage the behaviour she is teaching, with both canine and human clients.  She is a very skilled dog trainer with a great eye for analyzing performance.  Her passion and commitment to her craft and the many accomplishments with her own dogs speak volumes.

To this day I attend Veronica’s agility classes but now with my second female boxer, Lexi.  The classes are always fun and challenging and have been a great way to bond with and exercise my dog while instilling confidence in her.  Lexi is a senior now but we both still very much look forward to agility class each week with Veronica.

Char S. and Lexi

I have known Veronica for the past 12 years. She is not only a friend but a mentor and coach.

Initially, I brought my dog to Veronica for agility training. She was kind, caring, and not only aware of my dogs particular needs but of all the dogs in our class. Reading and teaching each dog and person in an individual manner.

I was so impressed that I ended up volunteering with Veronica in her puppy manners class. I saw how she was so patient with each puppy and person, again seeing how she understood and helped each person and their young dogs.

Veronica is an excellent agility coach and handler. In her role as an agility teacher, Veronica works with many different breeds, ages, and levels of experience in a very exciting environment. I myself have seen her work with some very nervous dogs and help build them into confident, happy dogs.

Dale D. and Maverick