tess face cropWe got Tess ten years ago with the plan to do agility with her. Unfortunately my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and the nine years of care meant that Tess got basic puppy manner lessons, lots of walks and frisbee, but no agility. Shortly after my mom passed away our dog Bear also died and Tess having lost her best friend withdrew into herself. She became a very sad girl and we resigned ourselves into thinking this aloof dog was what we had to accept.

A year later we brought Bailey our Aussie puppy into our home and she became a student at Zephyr Canines. When we mentioned to Veronica that we had a ten year old dog at home who had missed doing agility and seemed to be somewhat depressed she offered to do a special class with Tess.

Every Friday evening we would take Tess to work with Veronica. At first Tess headed for the door and wanted nothing to do with playing but by the end of a six week session she was loving her private “senior agility” class and her joy was apparent. We now have a very happy dog who does agility with such joy it is a pleasure to watch. Instead of isolating herself she now comes to us wanting to be petted and to play. We are sure that the agility classes have given Tess a happier, fuller life.

The old saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is not true. It is never too late to engage your dog with new opportunities for learning.

Thank you Veronica for taking the time to work with our Tess.

Margaret and Don M. and Tess


Paisley 2With our kids grown up, our latest pups needed a social outlet to keep their minds and bodies active. We hadn’t thought of agility classes until a fellow dog owner shared her positive experiences with Zephyr Canines. We now share our ‘pawsitive’ agility experiences with Veronica every chance we get. I never thought this overweight, 60 something gal would so thoroughly enjoy moving alongside her dogs learning new techniques. Thanks Veronica!

Susan M., Paisley and Peterson




hannah head shot cropVeronica is great at building confidence in both dog and handler. Her very understanding and positive approach to training helps both of us feel very comfortable, even when we mess up. She makes classes challenging, while still keeping it fun. Thank you Veronica.

Dina D. and Hannah






henry faceVeronica has been our trainer for more than two years and is professional, knowledgeable, courteous and encouraging. She recognizes what behaviours need modifying and provides the tools and support necessary to make those changes in a positive and constructive way. We love going to Veronica’s agility classes. Henry squeals with excitement when we turn into the driveway. The classes are small enough that each dog has several runs of a course and not so small that we aren’t able to catch our breath and have a chance to observe our classmates. We have fun and have met some great people and dogs. There is no pressure to compete although Veronica provides information and additional support to those that would like to take their training to the next level. Henry and I recommend Zephyr Canines to everyone!

Sarah P. and Henry

Paco HeidiWe have been taking agility lessons with Veronica for a year. All I can say is “WOW”! Veronica is a warm, positive trainer who is patient and encouraging with her students, human and canine alike. I truly enjoy working with Veronica because classes are fun and there is definitely a positive impact in my ability to communicate with my dogs. When I started agility training with Veronica my original training goals were to help Heidi develop more confidence in herself and to help Paco develop a bit more impulse control. With Veronica’s positive enthusiasm and encouragement we are well on our way to accomplishing these goals. Most importantly, we are having fun in the sport. I am very happy with Veronica & Zephyr Canines.

Diane D., Paco and Heidi

daisy target

When I initially contacted Veronica she did a consultation with me on the phone and I liked what l heard so we joined her Puppy Manners class. Her patience, advice and guidance have definitely helped in developing Daisy’s character. We decided to continue and joined Veronica’s agility class which is great fun for both of us. Daisy is still young and has some focussing issues but with Veronica’s help and patience we are finding different ways to overcome these issues in a way that is both rewarding and fun for Daisy. We have been part of Zephyr Canines for over a year now and both Daisy and I have learned so much. I would definitely recommend contacting Veronica for any of your training needs!

Teresa C. and Daisy




Keira cropped


Three years ago, I was looking for an activity for exercise and fun with my dog Keira. From the beginning, I was very comfortable with Veronica’s agility training, her coaching style and dog handling. She teaches at a level appropriate to the dog and the handler with focus on safety. Veronica is patient, and skilled with her training. Her wonderful sense of humour ensures the lessons are always fun. When our group of students compete at agility trials, Veronica has us well prepared for the appropriate level of competition and she is always ready to offer support and last minute coaching tips. Keira and I look forward to our lesson, the exercise, fun and the bonding.

Michael C. and Keira



ChloeWe have done two group training sessions to train our Cockapoo puppy Chloe and we can say that Veronica has experience – and it shows. We arrived to our first training session (Puppy Manners) with limited knowledge, and left with what we now consider a huge payoff that will reward us for life with Miss Chloe.  Very quickly all of her tips, tricks and training made puppy life less stressful and far more enjoyable. We finished Puppy Manners craving more so we continued into the Introduction to Agility session.Veronica provides training and instruction in a realistic, friendly and efficient manner. She has the talent to quickly read both the dog and the owners which then allows her to adapt her training on the spot so that you and your dog always succeed. Combine that with her love for dogs, positive attitude, and desire to have fun and you’ll be sure to connect with your dog in a new way.

Jennifer S. and Chloe



Veronica likes to challenge her students with agility courses in a fun and friendly manner so that at trials we go in with the confidence that we already have the skills, ability and bond with our dog to successfully complete the courses. Having the benefit of doing both group and private classes with Veronica, I’ve witnessed first hand her talent in using different training approaches so that we can bring out the very best in our own dogs. Watching Veronica’s interactions with her own 2 dogs is the best way to showcase her unique ability to use different training strategies to match their unique personalities. Her patience, consistency and loving approach has developed 2 exceptional dogs.

Diana M. and Tucksie



Maverick faceMy dog Maverick and I have been working with Veronica for 4 years. At our first meeting with Veronica we were greeted with her warm, welcoming smile, and a relaxed, confident attitude that put both Maverick and I right at ease. Over the past four years we have gone from our first-ever agility trial to Master level competitions under her guidance. When things are challenging, Veronica never loses her cool, she always stays positive, and always has a kind word for human and dog alike. Veronica’s training style is light and easy, breaking things down, step by step, always keeping the safety and confidence of the dog and handler as the main concern. Veronica makes agility a fun and bonding activity for you and your dog. I highly recommend Veronica for your dog training, and agility training needs.

Dale D. and Maverick