The Dome

Please note that at this time we are only offering agility classes (beginner through competitive levels). We are not currently running our 6 week puppy or obedience sessions.

We are fortunate to run our ongoing agility classes out of 2 great locations. Our winter (and inclement weather) location is the Dome. The

Dome is a 80 x 120 dog-sport facility located 12 minutes east of Newmarket. For the summer we hold classes at Pauleo Paws Training Centre. Pauleo Paws is also located just a few minutes east of Newmarket and is a 2 acre, fully-fenced facility. Your dog will need to be on a flat collar with a 6 foot leash. If you normally use a device like a “gentle leader” your dog can arrive to class wearing it, but it should not be used during agility classes. Prong and shock collars are not permitted, nor are “flexi” leashes. Before your first class you will be sent a form to complete with details including your dogs medical and behavior history. This must be brought with you to your first class along with a copy of your dogs vaccination or titer records for our files.


We recommend a good quality treat like dehydrated liver, kibble, or cheese. Please avoid using crumbly or flaky treats as these leave debris behind that can be distracting to other dogs. Toys may also be used as a reward. You will need to have either a training pouch or be wearing clothing with deep pockets for carrying training treats or toys. This helps to prevent distracting spills. Bring more treats than you think you will need. It is better to have extras to take home with you than to run out during class. If you are looking for a class or sport that we do not currently offer (for example obedience, scent detection, rally obedience, retriever training, or conformation) we are happy to refer you to a trusted trainer.