Group Classes:

$291.54 ($258+HST) for 6 a week pre-paid session.

Group classes help with socialization and training with distractions. It has always been a priority of Zephyr Canines Inc. to keep class sizes small so that you are ensured individual attention while in a class environment. Group class sizes are kept at a maximum of 4 dogs because the founder of ZCI believes that you should never feel that you are in a group that is too large. Large groups do not give you the individual attention you deserve, nor do they allow each handler and their dog to flourish. Small class sizes are designed to be beneficial to students and their dogs and they do require a regular commitment from you.

Private Classes:

$440.70 ($390+HST) for a 6 week pre-paid session

In order to provide the best learning environment right from the start we provide the option of beginning in a private class when needed. The private lessons give us a chance to assess your dogs individual needs and tailor a learning program to him / her. The length of time you stay training in the private classes is open-ended. You may come for as many (or as few) sessions as you want. Our goal is not to lock you into unwanted sessions, but to ensure that you (and your dog) are going to enjoy the training. We will work together to decide when you are comfortable and should move into a group class.